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My personal faith in God deeply inspired the words of this book. While pregnant with my first daughter, in the midst of a very chaotic year (hello, 2020), I was challenged with the task of using a word to pray over her life. The hope and intent of this act was that God would graciously allow her to embody the Christ-like characteristic I chose to pray over her as she grows and matures. While there is nothing particularly powerful in the word itself, my hope and prayer was that God would begin to stir and move within her heart and life, creating a deep desire to know Him and make Him known. As a result, I wanted to choose a word I felt mostly reflected the love of Jesus, who is a light in this world. The word I chose and began to pray was the word "delightful" - a word that embodies joy, love, and goodness. As a parent we are constantly bombarded with the challenge of raising children in a world so heavy, harsh, and cruel, leaving it hard at times to be, well…anything but delightful. I wrote this book to encourage my sweet girl on how to be a steadfast example of delightfulness as she journeys through this life regardless of the various adversities she may face. I pray that she and all the children who read this in the future make this world a bit brighter and better as the delights they were created to be!

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